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Contemporary Art Gallery Oda Hermann. Artworks and Series. Photo Art and Painting. Photography, Painting and Digital Image Editing Techniques. Virtual Art Gallery. Hand Painting. Fine Art Print. Limited Edition. (c)Oda Hermann
Contemporary Art. Contemporary Art Gallery Oda Hermann. Works. Series. Artworks by Oda Hermann. Photo Art and Painting. Photography. Photographic Art. Artistic Photography. Photographs by Oda Hermann. Figurative Artwork. Fine Art. Drawing. Painting. Digital Painting. Digital Art. Fine Art Print. Numbered Limited Edition. Hand signed by the artist. Original Artwork. Unique item. Fine Art Print. Fine Art Gallery. (c) Oda Hermann. www.odahermann.com
Zeitgenössische Kunst. Kunstgalerie Oda Hermann. Kunstwerke. Serien. Fotografie. Digitale Bildbearbeitung. Malerie und Zeichnung. Digitale Malerei. Kunstdruck. Nummerierte Limitierte Auflage. Handsigniert. Einzelstück. Figurative Kunst. Bildende Kunst. Polaroid. Fotokunst. Photokunst. Kunstfotografie. Künstlerische Fotografie. Digitale Kunst. (c)Oda Hermann.

Contemporary Art. Oda Hermann. "Stories which take place in unusual settings and do not reveal themselves in an unambiguous way; instead, leave scope to the beholder´s own imagination. Current topics in a fictitious packaging. The human drama/comedy staged as in a theatre performance. Every-day characters and extraordinary strangers. Mysterious beings and rituals. Night Walks  and Day Dreams.The severe Masters of Reality rule over ever-day life, but we can transform reality through creativity." (c)Oda Hermann. Fine Art. Photographic Art. Digital Art. Works and Series.

Zeitgenössische Kunst. Oda Hermann. "Geschichten, dia an ungwöhnlichen Schauplätzen stattfinden und sich dem Betrachter nicht eindeutig erschließen, sondern seiner eigenen Vorstellungskraft Raum lassen. Aktuelle Themen in fiktiver Verpackung. Das menschliche Drama /die Komödie inszeniert wie auf einer Theaterbühne. Alltägliche Charaktere und außergewöhnliche Fremde. Nachtspaziergänge und Tagträume. Die strengen Herren der Realität herrschen über das alltägliche Leben, wir aber können die Realität durch Kreativität transformieren." (c)Oda Hermann. Kunst. Kunstphotographie. Digitale Kunst. Malerei. Kunstwerke. Einzelwerke und Serien.

Artworld by Visual Artist Oda Hermann. www.odahermann.com. Photo Art and Painting. Contemporary Art Gallery. Figurative Artwork. Series and Artworks. Fine Art Painting. Drawing. Digital Painting. Photography. Artistic Photography. Polaroid. Mixed Techniques. Contemporary Art world. Fine Art Print. Numbered Limited Edition. Hand signed by the artist. Digital Art. Digital Painting. Giclee Print. Giclée Print. Giclee Fine Art Print. Iris Print. Original Artwork. Unique item. Fine Art Gallery. Oda Hermann Art Works.

Zeitgenössische Kunst von Oda Hermann. www.odahermann.com. Visuelle Künstlerin. Kunstgalerie. Kunstgallerie. Zeitgenössische Kunst. Figurative Kunst. Serien und Kunstwerke. Werkschau. Bildende Kunst. Malerei. Zeichnung. Fotokunst. Photokunst. Kunstpotographie. Digitale Kunst. Digitale Malerei. Polaroid. Künstlerische Fotografie. Künstlerische Photographie. Mischtechniken. Malerei und Zeichnung. Kunstfotografie. Photokunst. Kunstphotographie. Nummerierte Limitierte Auflage. Handsigniert.


The mysterious adventures of Candy Girl in Wonderland. Images and texts. Welcome to the coloured rooms of Dollhouse, a women´s world. Who is taking the part of the fool? Modern life scenes in a retro theatre look. Dancing on the volcano goes on without an effective control of global economy and ... Six cages made of different materials. Self-created or imposed captivity... Myths and rituals, traps and temptations,... We are all - at the same time - devious and divine. A night walk meeting special characters. Photo series in a classical style of a traditional (now disappeared) spanish pharmacy. Associative thoughts about a variety of women; role patterns, clichés and introspections... A selection of former single works and mini-series. Humorous to surreal works based on hand drawn sketches or acrylic paintings and photos. A modern interpretation of three fairytales and what happened to their protagonists. A selection of very quickly hand drawn sketches with a touch of irony. Series Gallery